MBIS BISS Can/BISS Am Ch               Seabrook Heiristotle Pouch Cove  (OFA/OFEL) BIS Can/MBISS BISS Am Ch Pouch Cove's Keynote Speaker (OFA/OFEL) BIS BISS Ch Numa's Had To Be Pouch Cove (OFA/OFEL) Ch Pouch Cove's Matter Of Fact (OFA/OFEL)
Ch Pouch Cove's Numas Tiani
Ch Pouch Coves Antares Arbitrage (OFA/OFEL) Ch Jubilee's You're The Top (OFA) ROM
Ch Pouch Cove's Antares Fanfare ROM
Ch Seabrook Heireverent Pouch Cove (OFA) BIS Ch The Bombardier (OFA) ROM Ch Barharber's Just West Of East (OFA) ROM
BISS Ch Tabu's Pooh Bearabella ROM
Ch Pouch Cove's Heirloom (OFA/OFEL) Ch Jubilee's You're The Top (OFA) ROM
Ch Pouch Cove's Token (OFA)
Summerford's On Broadway Ch OnyxBay's Winter Warlock (OFA) MBIS MBISS Ch Seabrook Steppin Out At Poohbear (OFA/OFEL) ROM MBIS MBISS Am/Int/Ita Ch Seabrook's Headmaster Tabu (OFA) ROM
Ch Seabrook's Juliette of Poohbear (OFA)
Ch Pouch Cove's Spellcaster (OFA) Ch Cypress Bay Pouch Cove Chest'R
Ch Antare's Bewitched Pouch Cove
Ch Seabrook's Street Of Dreams Ch Cayuga's Wonderful Dream Realized Ch Pouch Cove's Favorite Son (OFA) ROM
Twillin Gate Phaedra
Ch Seabrook's Rachel Rachel (OFA) BIS Ch The Bombardier (OFA) ROM
Ch Tabu's Bellefleur Seabrook